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BigEasy® v2.0 Linear Cloning System (pJAZZ® Vectors)

  • Maximum insert stability.
  • Efficiently clone any insert up to 30 kb.
  • Create libraries from A/T-rich or G/C-rich genomes.
  • Clone gene clusters or operons.
  • Inducible copy number.
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
BigEasy v2.0 Linear Cloning Kit (pJAZZ-OC NotI Vector)  5 rxns 43024-1 $330.00
   10 rxns 43024-2 $564.00
BigEasy v2.0 Linear Cloning Kit (pJAZZ-OK Blunt Vector)  5 rxns 43036-1 $330.00
   10 rxns 43036-2 $564.00
   20 rxns 43036-3 $1010.00
BigEasy v2.0 Linear Cloning Kit (pJAZZ-OK NotI Vector)  5 rxns 43042-1 $330.00
   10 rxns 43042-2 $564.00
   20 rxns 43042-3 $1010.00
BigEasy® v2.0 Linear Cloning Kit (pJAZZ-OC Blunt Vector)  5 rxns 43018-1 $330.00
   10 rxns 43018-2 $564.00
   20 rxns 43018-3 $1010.00
BigEasy-TSA Electrocompetent Cells  6 rxns (SOLOs) 60224-1 $164.00
   12 rxns (SOLOs) 60224-2 $278.00
   24 rxns (SOLOs) 60224-3 $514.00
BigEasy v2.0 Linear Cloning Kits include:  Dephosphorylated pJAZZ vector pre-cut at either a SmaI (blunt) or NotI site, CloneSmart DNA Ligase, CloneDirect™ 10X Ligation Buffer (includes ATP), Sequencing Primers, Positive Control Insert DNA, DNA Terminator® End Repair Enzyme, BigEasy-TSA Electrocompetent Cells in SOLO packaging (1 transformation per tube), Recovery Medium, Transformation Control DNA, and complete protocols. BigEasy-TSA Electrocompetent Cells are also available separately.

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“Conventional plasmid based library construction using the AT-rich gDNA from Flavobacterium columnare resulted in inefficient cloning and short inserts. In contrast, we were able to construct three high quality genomic libraries (3-6 kb, 6-10 kb, and 10-12 kb) on our first attempt by using the BigEasy Linear Cloning System. At the end of shotgun sequencing, average insert sizes were as we predicted and the genome assembled nicely.”

- Dr. Attila Karsi, Mississippi State Univ.

“Using conventional cloning strategies, we have found that the large cDNAs (~14 kb) we are studying rearrange very frequently. Other systems reported to decrease rearrangement, including genetically modified E. coli, low temperature incubation, and low copy number plasmids yielded only a small improvement in the tendency of circular plasmids bearing these cDNAs to lose non-essential sequences. The results we obtained with the pJAZZ system were dramatically different: the large fragments could be stably cloned, reliably prepared in large quantity, and sequenced with great efficiency. The pJAZZ system allowed us to move forward on a technical point that had frustrated us for over a year.”

- Dr. Nicholas Sibinga, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dept. of Developmental & Molecular Biology


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