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ClearColi® K-12 Electrocompetent Cells

Eliminate endotoxins at the source

  • Genetically modified LPS does not trigger endotoxic response in mammalian cells
  • Plasmid yields similar to DH10B cells
  • Ideal for mammalian transfection and protein expression
  • Skip expensive, time consuming endotoxin removal steps
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
ClearColi® K-12 Electrocompetent Cells  12 rxns (DUOs) 60850-1 $274.00
   24 rxns (DUOs) 60850-2 $500.00

Each ClearColi® K-12 Electocompetent Cell Kit contains: ClearColi K-12 Electrocompetent Cells in DUO packaging (2 transformations per tube), Recovery Medium, and pUC19 Positive Control Plasmid.  Complete protocols are available online at www.lucigen.com/manuals. 

Recovery Medium is also available separately, catalog # 80026-1.

For research use only.  Not for human or diagnostic use.

Transformation efficiency:

1 × 107 cfu/ug, measured using pUC19 DNA in standard electroporation conditions (see Manual for details).


F-, λ- ΔendA ΔrecA msbA52 frr181 ΔgutQΔkdsDΔlpxLΔlpxMΔpagPΔlpxPΔeptA

Document File Name Type
Manual MA153-ClearColi-K-12 PDF

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