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Lucigen provides a wide range of enzymes to for molecular biology and Next Gen Sequencing applications. Selection Guide Enzymes

  • Enzymes selected to meet your DNA and RNA synthesis needs

Also see enzymes for PCR & Amplification including Bst DNA Polymerase.

Modifying Enzymes

NxGen® T4 DNA Ligase » Reliably join double-stranded nucleic acid chains.

ATP Solution » Stable ATP solution for molecular biology applications.

T4 Polynucleotide Kinase » Add 5’ phosphate, with or without radiolabel, to end of single- or double-stranded DNA.


NxGen® phi29 DNA Polymerase » Excellent strand displacement, fidelity and speed.

NxGen® T7 RNA Polymerase » Reliable transcription.

T4 DNA Polymerase, Exonuclease Minus » Increase the DNA sequencing read-lengths.

Reverse Transcriptase Enzymes

EpiScript™ RNase H- Reverse Transcriptase » Increase specificity with an RT stable to 55°C.

MMLV High Performance Reverse Transcriptase » Produce more full-length, first strand cDNA

NxGen® M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase » Outstanding cDNA synthesis.

Sygnis SunScript™ Reverse Transcriptase RNase H- » A revolutionary novel reverse transcriptase with improved properties related to thermostability, efficiency and synthesis of long transcripts.

RNase Inhibitors

NxGen® RNase Inhibitor » Eliminate RNase activity.

RiboGuard™ RNase Inhibitor » Inhibit RNase activity

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