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Expresso® CMV Cloning and Expression System

  • Fast: 5-second, directional cloning with no enzyme incubations, ligation, or vector prep. Watch video »
  • Precise: "No scar" vector results in highly accurate sequences and correct proteins.
  • Small Vector: 3.4-kb vector gives high transfection efficiency & easy downstream manipulation.
  • Robust: CMV promoter provides strong, constitutive eukaryotic expression.
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
Expresso® CMV Cloning & Expression System  5 rxns 49031-1 $200.00
   10 rxns 49031-2 $366.00
The Expresso CMV Cloning & Expression System contains pre-processed pME-HA Vector DNA, single-transformation E. cloni 10G Chemically Competent Cells (SOLOs), and recovery medium. Also included are β-galactosidase positive control insert DNA, transformation positive control pUC DNA, and forward and reverse PCR primers to confirm clones.
Document File Name Type
Manual MA127-Expresso-CMV-Cloning-Expression-System PDF

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