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NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Library Kit

Close and finish your microbial genome with two libraries

  • Flexible insert sizes: gel-based 20 kb and gel-free < 8 kb
  • Enable microbial genome closure using 20 kb protocol with your existing Illumina sequencer
  • Ideal for NGS de novo genome assembly, closure and finishing, chromosomal rearrangement detection, haplotyping, and BAC sequencing
  • Increased N50's and larger scaffolds from your assembly in Next Gen Sequencing
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Library Kit   10 libraries 1 13000-1 $3130.00
NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Library Kit and Index Kit  10 libraries1 +
12 indices (5 libraries each)
13100-1 $3661.00
NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Index Kit  12 indices (5 libraries each) 13200-1 $631.00
NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Library Kit, Box 1  10 libraries1 13300-1 $844.00
NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Library Kit, Box 2  10 libraries1 13400-1 $2281.00

For a full list of reagents and components included in this product, refer to the user manual.  The NxSeq Long Mate Pair Library kit includes two boxes, each of which can be ordered separately.  Box 1 contains all reagents necessary for end repair and tailing of fragmented DNA, ligase, and an internal adapter sequence.  Box 2 contains reagents for ligation to the coupler and Junction Code™ sequence, exonuclease digestion, biotin capture, and amplification. 

The NxSeq Long Mate Pair Library Index kit contains 5 reactions each of 12 separate index primer sets, for a total of 60 index reactions.  The kit may be ordered in combination with the library kit or as a separate item.

For research use only.  Not for human or diagnostic use.

1 This kit contains the reagents necessary to generate 10 libraries of 8kb or less. Larger libraries, 10-20kb, will use more reagents and generate fewer libraries per kit.  Instructions to generate mate pair libraries using 10-20kb inserts are described in SP001: NxSeq 20 kb Mate Pair Protocol.

The NxSeq Long Mate Pair Library Kit and Index Kit are compatible with Illumina MiSeq (300, 500, and 600 cycle reagent kits), HiSeq 2500 (250 cycle reagent kit), and NxSeq 500 (300 cycle reagent kit) instruments. The product is not compatible with 50, 75, or 150 cycle reagents kits for any instrument.

Document File Name Type
Citations NxSeq® Long Mate Pair Library Kit - Citations LINK
Poster NxSeq-Long-Span-Mate-Pair PDF
Support Files NGS-Long-Read-Mate-Pair-Scripts-Sample LINK

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"Lucigen’s long mate pair sequence data dramatically improved our sequence assembly, resulting in one contig. This new tool will enable researchers to finish genomes at a MUCH lower cost, faster and with higher quality data." - Peter Panizzi at Auburn University


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