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Lucigen Corporation
2905 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI 53562
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Array-Based Analysis
RNA Amplification and Labeling
TargetAmp™ 1-Round Biotin-aRNA Amplification Kit 105
TargetAmp™-Nano Labeling Kit for Illumina® Expression BeadChip®
Cloning Kits & Vectors
General Cloning
CloneSmart® Cloning Kits (pSMART® Vectors)
GC Cloning and Amplification (pGC™ Blue Vector)
Difficult Cloning or BAC/Fosmid Cloning
BigEasy® v2.0 Linear Cloning System (pJAZZ® Vectors)
CopyControl™ Fosmid Library Production Kits
MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extracts
CopyRight® v2.0 BAC Cloning Kits (pSMART® BAC and pEZ™ BAC)
CopyRight® v2.0 Fosmid Cloning Kits (pSMART® FOS)
Accessory Kits for Cloning
DNATerminator® End Repair Kit
CloneDirect™ Rapid Ligation Kit
End-It™ DNA End-Repair Kit
GELase™ Agarose Gel-Digesting Preparation
Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kit
Competent Cells
General Cloning & Library Construction
TransforMax™ EC100™ Electrocompetent  and Chemically Competent E. coli
E. cloni® 10G and 10GF' Electrocompetent Cells
E. cloni® 5-alpha Chemically Competent Cells
Phage Display Library Applications
Phage Display Competent Cells
CRISPR, Large or Difficult Fragment Cloning
Endura™ Competent Cells
TransforMax™ EPI300™ Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent E. coli
CopyCutter™ EPI400™ Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent E. coli
TransforMax™ EPI300™-T1R Electrocompetent E. coli
BAC-Optimized Replicator™ v2.0 & 10G BAC-Optimized Electrocompetent Cells
BigEasy®-TSA™ Electrocompetent Cells
CJ236 Electrocompetent Cells
Protein Expression
HI-Control™ BL21(DE3) and HI-Control™ 10G Competent Cells
Low Endotoxin Cells
ClearColi® BL21(DE3) Electrocompetent Cells
ClearColi® K-12 Electrocompetent Cells
Modifying Enzymes
ATP Solution
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase
NxGen® phi29 DNA Polymerase
NxGen® T7 RNA Polymerase
T4 DNA Polymerase, Exonuclease Minus
Reverse Transcriptase Enzymes
EpiScript™ RNase H- Reverse Transcriptase
MMLV High Performance Reverse Transcriptase
NxGen® M-MuLV Reverse Transcriptase
Sygnis SunScript™ Reverse Transcriptase RNase H-
RNase Inhibitors
NxGen® RNase Inhibitor
RiboGuard™ RNase Inhibitor
In Vitro Transcription
High Yield In Vitro Transcription Kits
AmpliScribe™ T7 High Yield Transcription Kit
AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Transcription Kit
AmpliScribe™ T7-Flash™ Biotin-RNA Transcription Kit
NTP Solutions
Ribonucleoside-5’-Triphosphate Solutions and 2’-Fluorine-Nucleoside-5’-Triphosphate Solutions
Nuclease Resistant In Vitro Transcription Kits
DuraScribe® T7 Transcription Kit
Next Gen Sequencing
NGS Products
NxSeq® AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kits and Adaptors (Illumina-compatible)
PCR & Amplification
Accura® High-Fidelity Polymerase
CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix
EconoTaq® PLUS and EconoTaq PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mixes
EconoTaq® DNA Polymerase
LAMP & Isothermal Amplification
Sygnis TruePrime™ WGA Kit
Sygnis TruePrime™ Single Cell WGA Kit version 2.0
Sygnis TruePrime™ RCA Kit
cDNA Synthesis & RT-PCR
Sygnis SunScript™ One Step RT-PCR Kit
MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR
MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis from Cell Lysates Kit
MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
Transposon Mutagenesis
In Vitro Tn5 Transposon Mutagenesis
EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kγori/KAN-2> Insertion Kit
EZ-Tn5™ <T7/KAN-2> Promoter Insertion Kit
EZ-Tn5™ <KAN-2>, EZ-Tn5™ <TET-1>, and EZ-Tn5™ <DHFR-1> Insertion Kits
EZ-Tn5™ Transposase
In Vivo Tn5 Transposon Mutagenesis
EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kγori/KAN-2>Tnp Transposome™ Kit
EZ-Tn5™ <KAN-2>Tnp Transposome™ Kit
TypeOne™ Restriction Inhibitor
TransforMax™ EC100D™ pir+ and pir-116 Electrocompetent E. coli
TransforMax™ EC100D™ pir+ and pir-116 Electrocompetent E. coli
Toll-free: 888 575 9695
Phone: 608 831 9011
Fax: 608 831 9012
Email: lucigen@lucigen.com
Lucigen Corporation
2905 Parmenter Street
Middleton, WI 53562
International Distributors


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