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E. cloni® EXPRESS BL21(DE3) Competent Cells: E. cloni EXPRESS BL21(DE3) Electrocompetent Cells (>5 x 109 cfu/μg)

  • Best value for routine protein expression... available as Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent Cells.
Please note: commercial entities require a license from Brookhaven Science Associates to purchase this product.
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
E. cloni EXPRESS BL21(DE3) Electrocompetent Cells (≥5 × 10^9 cfu/µg)  12 rxns 60300-1 $121.00
   24 rxns 60300-2 $219.00

Each E. cloni EXPRESS Kit contains: the indicated E. cloni EXPRESS Electrocompetent or Chemically Competent Cells in DUO packaging (2 transformations per tube), Expression Recovery Medium (lactose minus), pUC19 Positive Control Plasmid, and complete protocols.

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