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CRISPRcraft™ S.p. Cas9 Nuclease

Cas9 nuclease with NLS for targeted DNA cleavage

  • Recombinant wild-type Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 nuclease, with NLS
  • Ideal for efficient RNP-based delivery of Cas9/gRNA complexes
  • High concentration (10 mg/mL, 62 µM) compatible with multiple delivery methods
  • Extensive quality control to ensure activity and purity

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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
CRISPRcraft S.p. Cas9 Nuclease, 10 mg/mL (62 µM)  120 µg 70020-1 $197.00
   400 µg 70020-2 $500.00
CRISPRcraft S.p. Cas9 Nuclease Control Kit  10 rxns 70030-1 $131.00

CRISPRcraft S.p. Cas9 Nuclease is provided as a 12 µL (120 µg) or 40 µL (400 µg) size. Contact us for pricing on bulk enzyme orders.

The CRISPRcraft S.p. Cas9 Nuclease Control Kit contains Cas9 Control HPRT Guide crRNA and Cas9 Universal tracrRNA, Human HPRT Forward and Reverse PCR Primers, Control HPRT Substrate DNA and 10X RGEN Buffer. The Control Kit does not contain Cas9 enzyme.

Document File Name Type
Manual MA178_CRISPRcraft_SpCas9_Nuclease_and_Control_Kit PDF

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