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Latest Lucigen Product Citations


NextGen Sequencing

NxSeq® DNA Prep Kit

Richard Allen White, III,a Christopher J. Grassa,b and Curtis A. Suttle (2013). Genome Announc. 2013 Jul-Aug; 1(4): e00391-13. First Draft Genome Sequence from a Member of the Genus Agrococcus, Isolated from Modern Microbialites Published online 2013 June 27. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00391-13 PMCID: PMC3695436 Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Cloning Systems Citations

pJAZZ® Kits

McFarland KN, Liu J, Landrian I, Godiska R, Shanker S, Yu F, et al. (2015) SMRT Sequencing of Long Tandem Nucleotide Repeats in SCA10 Reveals Unique Insight of Repeat Expansion Structure. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0135906. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0135906


Danny A. Humphreys-Pereira, Axel A. Elling, Mitochondrial genomes of Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. incognita (Nematoda: Tylenchina): Comparative analysis, gene order and phylogenetic relationships with other nematodes. Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology, 2014; 194: 20–32.


Suarez C, Volkmann K, Gomes AR, Billker O, Blackman MJ. The malarial serine protease SUB1 plays an essential role in parasite liver stage development. PLoS Pathog. 2013;9(12):e1003811.


Kamil J. Alzayady, Larry E. Wagner, IIRahul ChandrasekharAlina MonteagudoRonald GodiskaGregory G. TallSuresh K. Joseph, and David I. Yule Functional Inositol 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Receptors Assembled from Concatenated Homo- and Heteromeric Subunits. J Biol Chem. 2013 Oct 11; 288(41): 29772–29784. doi:  10.1074/jbc.M113.502203


Xiquan Liang, Chang-Ho Baek, and Federico Katzen. Escherichia coli with Two Linear Chromosomes. CS Synth. Biol., 2013; 2, 734–740.


Burkhardt NY, Baldridge GD, Williamson PC, Billingsley PM, Heu CC, et al. Development of Shuttle Vectors for Transformation of Diverse Rickettsia Species. PLoS ONE, 2011 6(12): e29511.


Mahejibin Khan,K. Jithesh, and R. Mookambikay. Cloning and characterization of two functionally diverse lipases from soil metagenome. J. Gen. Appl. Microbiol., 2013, 59, 21-31.


Melissa Beth Duhaime, Antje Wichels, Jost Waldmann, Hanno Teeling and Frank Oliver Glöckner. Ecogenomics and genome landscapes of marine Pseudoalteromonas phage H105/1. The ISME Journal (2011) 5, 107–121.


Longhua Sun; Kan Zhuo; Honghong Wang; Handa Song; Wenwei Chi; Lian-Hui Zhang and Jinling Liao. The complete mitochondrial genome of Aphelenchoides besseyi (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae), the first sequenced representative of the subfamily Aphelenchoidinae. Nematology 2014; 16: 1167 – 1180.


Jessie Nicodemus-Johnson, Stephen Silic, Laura Ghigliotti, Eva Pisano, C.-H. Christina Cheng. Assembly of the antifreeze glycoprotein/trypsinogen-like protease genomic locus in the Antarctic toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni (Norman). Genomics, 2011, 98; 194–201.


Mahejibin Khan, Ekambaram Nakkeeran, and Sukumaran Umesh-Kumar. Potential Application of Pectinase in Developing Functional Foods. Annual Review of Food Science and Technology. 2013; 4: 21-34.


Neeraja M Krishnan, Swetansu Pattnaik, Prachi Jain, et al. A draft of the genome and four transcriptomes of a medicinal and pesticidal angiosperm Azadirachta indica. BMC Genomics 2012, 13:464.


Abhinav Sinha, Katie R. Hughes, Katarzyna K. Modrzynska. A cascade of DNA-binding proteins for sexual commitment and development in Plasmodium. Nature 2014, 507: 253–257.


Brochet M, Collins MO, Smith TK, Thompson E, Sebastian S, et al. Phosphoinositide Metabolism Links cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase G to Essential Ca2+ Signals at Key Decision Points in the Life Cycle of Malaria Parasites. PLoS Biol, 2014, 12: e1001806.


Schardl CL, Young CA, Hesse U, Amyotte SG, Andreeva K, et al. Plant-Symbiotic Fungi as Chemical Engineers: Multi-Genome Analysis of the Clavicipitaceae Reveals Dynamics of Alkaloid Loci. PLoS Genet  2013, 9: e1003323.


Pfander C, Anar B, Schwach F, Otto TD, Brochet M, Volkmann K, Quail MA, Pain A, Rosen B, Skarnes W, Rayner JC, Billker O. (2011). A scalable pipeline for highly effective genetic modification of a malaria parasite. Nat Methods. 2011 Oct 23:8(12):1078-82. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1742.

Taichi E. Takasuka and Arnold Stein. (2010). Direct measurements of the nucleosome-forming preferences of periodic DNA motifs challenge established models. Nucleic Acids Research, 38 (17), 5672.


CloneSmart® Cloning Kits

Chauhan PS, Tripathi SP, Sangamwar AT, Puri N, Sharma P, Gupta N. "Cloning, molecular modeling, and docking analysis of alkali-thermostable β-mannanase from Bacillus nealsonii PN-11." Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2015 Nov;99(21):8917-25. doi: 10.1007/s00253-015-6613-2. Epub 2015 May 13.


Loomis EW, Eid JS, Peluso P, Yin J, Hickey L, Rank D, McCalmon S, Hagerman RJ, Tassone F, Hagerman PJ. Sequencing the unsequenceable: expanded CGG-repeat alleles of the fragile X gene. Genome Res. 2013 Jan;23(1):121-8. doi: 10.1101/gr.141705.112. Epub 2012 Oct 11. PMID: 23064752


Robinson, M., Li, B., Ge, Y., Ko, D., Yendluri, S., Harding, T., VanRoey, M., Spindler, K. R., and Jooss, K. (2009). Novel Immunocompetent Murine Tumor Model for Evaluation of Conditionally Replication-Competent (Oncolytic) Murine Adenoviral Vectors. J. Virol. 83, 3450.

Wu, C., Kim, Y., Smith, K. M., Li, W., Hood, H. M, Staben, C., Selker, E. U., Sachs, M. S., and. Farman M. L, (2009). Characterization of Chromosome Ends in the Filamentous Fungus Neurospora crassa, Genetics, 181, 1129.

Helm R., A.,, Barnhart M., M., and Seifert S. H. (2007). pilQ Missense Mutations Have Diverse Effects on PilQ Multimer Formation, Piliation, and Pilus Function in Neisseria gonorrhoeae. J. Bacteriol. 189 (8): 3198.

Felnagle, E. A., Rondon, M. R., Berti, A. D., Crosby, H. A., and Thomas M. G. Envir. (2007). Identification of the Biosynthetic Gene Cluster and an Additional Gene for Resistance to the Antituberculosis Drug Capreomycin. Microbiol, 73 (13), 4162.

Zheng, H., Zhong, Z., Lai, X., Chen, W., Li S., and Zhu J. (2006). A LuxR/LuxI-Type Quorum-Sensing System in a Plant Bacterium, Mesorhizobium tianshanense, Controls Symbiotic Nodulation. J. Bacteriol, 188 (5), 1943.

Charrier, C., Duncan, G. J., Reid, M. D., Rucklidge, G. J., Henderson, D., Young, P., Russell, V. J., Aminov, R. I., Flint, H. J., and Louis P. (2006). A Novel Class of CoA-transferase Involved in Short-Chain Fatty Acid Metabolism in Butyrate-Producing Human Colonic Bacteria. Microbiol, 152 (1), 179.

Xie, Y., Yao, Y., Kolisnychenko, V., Teng, C., and Kim K. (2006). HbiF Regulates Type 1 Fimbriation Independently of FimB and FimE. Infect. Immun,74 (7), 4039.

Zufall, R. A., McGrath, C. L., Muse, S. V., and Katz L. A. (2006). Genome Architecture Drives Protein Evolution in Ciliates. Mol. Biol. Evol, 23 (9), 1681.

Bulach, D. M. , Zuerner, R. L., Wilson, P., Seemann, T., McGrath, A., Cullen, P. A., Davis, J., Johnson, M., Kuczek, E., Alt, D. P., Peterson-Burch, B., Coppel, R. L., Rood, J. I., Davies, J. K., and Adler, B. (2006). Genome Reduction in Leptospira borgpetersenii Reflects Limited Transmission Potential. PNAS, 103 (39), 14560.

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Rehmeyer, C., Li, W., Kusaba, M., Kim, Y., Brown, D., Staben, C., Dean, R., and Farman, M. (2006). Organization of Chromosome Ends in the Rice Blast Fungus, Magnaporthe oryzae. Nucleic Acids Res, 34 (17), 4685.

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Baldridge, G. D., Burkhardt, N., Herron, M. J., Kurtti, T. J., and Munderloh, U. G. (2005). Analysis of Fluorescent Protein Expression in Transformants of Rickettsia monacensis, an Obligate Intracellular Tick Symbiont. Appl. Envir. Microbiol, 71 (4), 2095.

Paul, J. H., Williamson, S. J., Long, A., Authement, R. N., John, D., Segall, A. M., Rohwer, F. L., Androlewicz, M., and Patterson, S. (2005). Complete Genome Sequence of FHSIC, a Pseudotemperate Marine Phage of Listonella pelagia. Appl. Envir. Microbio, 71 (6), 3311.

Steane, D. A. (2005). Complete Nucleotide Sequence of the Chloroplast Genome from the Tasmanian Blue Gum, Eucalyptus globulus (Myrtaceae). DNA Res, 12 (3), 215.

Hall, S.E., Luo, S., Hall, A. E., and Preuss, D. (2005). Differential Rates of Local and Global Homogenization in Centromere Satellites from Arabidopsis Relatives. Genetics, 170 (4), 1913.

Lohr, J.E., Chen, F., and Hill, R.T. (2005). Genomic Analysis of Bacteriophage JL001: Insights into Its Interaction with a Sponge-Associated Alpha-Proteobacterium. Appl. Envir. Microbiol, 71 (3), 1598.

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Sperry, S. M., Kazi, L., Graham, R. L., Baric, R. S., Weiss, S. R., and. Denison, M. R. (2005). Single-Amino-Acid Substitutions in Open Reading Frame (ORF) 1b-nsp14 and ORF 2a Proteins of the Coronavirus Mouse Hepatitis Virus Are Attenuating in Mice. J. Virol, 79 (6), 3391.

Barbier, G., Oesterhelt, C., Larson, M. D., Halgren, R. G., Wilkerson, C., Garavito, R. M., Benning, C., and Weber, A. P.M. (2005). Comparative Genomics of Two Closely Related Unicellular Thermo-Acidophilic Red Algae, Galdieria sulphuraria and Cyanidioschyzon merolae, Reveals the Molecular Basis of the Metabolic Flexibility of Galdieria sulphuraria and Significant Differences in Carbohydrate Metabolism of Both Algae. Plant Physiology, 137 (2), 460.

Fouchier, R. A. M., Hartwig, N. G., Bestebroer, T. M., Niemeyer, B., De Jong, J. C., Simon, J. H., and Osterhaus, A. D. M. E. (2004). A Previously Undescribed Coronavirus Associated with Respiratory Disease in Humans. PNAS, 101 (16), 6212.

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Thomas, M. G., Chan, Y. A., and Ozanick, S. G. (2003). Deciphering Tuberactinomycin Biosynthesis: Isolation, Sequencing, and Annotation of the Viomycin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother, 47 (9), 2823.

Breitbart, M., Hewson, I., Felts, B., Mahaffy, J. M., Nulton, J., Salamon, P., and Rohwer, F. (2003). Metagenomic Analyses of an Uncultured Viral Community from Human Feces. J. Bacteriol, 185 (20), 6220.

Yount, B., Curtis, K. M., Fritz, E. A., Hensley, L. E., Jahrling, P. B., Prentice, E., Denison, M. R., Geisbert, T. W., and. Baric, R. S. (2003). Reverse Genetics with a Full-Length Infectious cDNA of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus. PNAS, 100 (22), 12995.

Yount, B., Denison, M. R., Weiss, S. R., and. Baric, R. S. (2002). Systematic Assembly of a Full-Length Infectious cDNA of Mouse Hepatitis Virus Strain A59. J. Virol, 76 (21), 11065.

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Competent Cells

Phage Display Competent Cells

Filippa Fleetwood, Susanne Klint, Martin Hanze, Elin Gunneriusson, Fredrik Y. Frejd, Stefan Ståhl & John Löfblom (October 27, 2014) Simultaneous targeting of two ligand-binding sites on VEGFR2 using biparatopic Affibody molecules results in dramatically improved affinity Scientific Reports 4, 7518.

ClearColi® Competent Cells

Dana Ditgen, et al. "Multifunctional Thioredoxin-like Protein from the Gastrointestinal Parasitic Nematodes Strongyloides ratti and Trichuris suis Affects Mucosal Homeostasis" Journal of Parasitology Research 2016(34):1-17 · January 2016 DOI: 10.1155/2016/8421597

Mamat, Uwe, et al. "Detoxifying Escherichia coli for endotoxin-free production of recombinant proteins." Microbial Cell Factories 14.1 (2015): 57.

Fabián Rueda & Olivia Cano-Garrido & Uwe Mamat & Kathleen Wilke& Joaquin Seras-Franzoso & Elena García-Fruitós & Antonio Villaverde. "Production of functional inclusion bodies in endotoxin-free Escherichia coli" Applied Microbiology Biotechnology DOI 10.1007/s00253-014-6008-9. Epub 2014 Aug 17. 2014 Nov;98(22):9229-38 PUBMed

E. cloni® 10G Competent Cells

Downes, J., Vartoukian, S. R., Dewhirst, F. E, Izard, J., Chen, T., Yu, W., Sutcliffe, I. C., and Wade, W. G. (2009). Pyramidobacter piscolens gen. nov., sp. nov., a Member of the Phylum 'Synergistetes' Isolated from the Human Oral Cavity. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 59, 972.

Bertossa, R. C., Zande, L., and Beukeboom, L. W. (2009). The Fruitless Gene in Nasonia Displays Complex Sex-Specific Splicing and Contains New Zinc Finger Domains. Mol. Biol. Evol. 26, 1557.

Baldridge, G. D., Burkhardt, N. Y, Felsheim, R. F., Kurtti, T. J., and Munderloh, U. G. (2007). Transposon Insertion Reveals pRM, a Plasmid of Rickettsia monacensis. Appl. Envir. Microbiol, 73 (15), 4984.

O'Neill, A. J., Larsen, A. R., Skov, R., Henriksen, A. S., and Chopra, I. (2007). Characterization of the Epidemic European Fusidic Acid-Resistant Impetigo Clone of Staphylococcus aureus. J. Clin. Microbiol, 45 (5), 1505.

Bidlingmaier, S. and Liu, B. (2006). Construction and Application of a Yeast Surface-displayed Human cDNA Library to Identify Post-translational Modification-dependent Protein-Protein Interactions. Mol. Cell. Proteomics, 5 (3), 533.

Samuelson, J. C., Morgan, R. D., Benner, J. S., Claus, T. E., Packard, S. L., and Xu, S. (2006) Engineering a Rare-cutting Restriction Enzyme: Genetic Screening and Selection of NotI Variants. Nucleic Acids Res, 34 (3), 796.

Marinescu, V. D., Kohane, I. S., Kim, T., Harmin, D. A., Greenberg, M. E., and Riva, A. (2006). START: an Automated Tool for Serial Snalysis of Chromatin Occupancy Data. Bioinformatics, 22 (8), 999.

Tengs, T., LaFramboise, T., Den, R.B., Hayes, D. N., Zhang, J., DebRoy, S., Gentleman, R. C., O'Neill, K., Birren, B., and Meyerson, M. (2004) Genomic Representations using Concatenates of Type IIB Restriction Endonuclease Digestion Fragments. Nucleic Acids Res, 32 (15), e121.

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End Repair Systems Citations

DNATerminator® Kit

Paauw, A., Caspers, M. P. M., Leverstein-van Hall, M., Schuren, F. H. J, Montijn, R. C., Verhoef, J., and Fluit, A. C. (2009). Identification of Resistance and Virulence Factors in an Epidemic Enterobacter hormaechei Outbreak Strain. Microbiol. 155,1478

Govind, R., Fralick, J. A., and Rolfe, R. D. (2006). Genomic Organization and Molecular Characterization of Clostridium difficile Bacteriophage CD119. J. Bacteriol, 188 (7), 2568.

Dellaporta, S. L., Xu, A., Sagasser, S., Jakob, W., Moreno, M. A., Buss, L. W., and Schierwater, B. (2006). Mitochondrial Genome of Trichoplax adhaerens Supports Placozoa as the Basal Lower Metazoan Phylum. PNAS, 103 (23), 8751.

Roybal, C. N., Marmorstein, L. Y, Vander Jagt, D. L., and Abcouwer, S. F. (2005). Aberrant Accumulation of Fibulin-3 in the Endoplasmic Reticulum Leads to Activation of the Unfolded Protein Response and VEGF Expression. Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci., 46 (11), 3973.

Vermeulen, N., Pavlovic, M., Ehrmann, M. A., Gänzle, M. G., and Vogel, R. F. (2005). Functional Characterization of the Proteolytic System of Lactobacillus sanfranciscensis DSM 20451T during Growth in Sourdough. Appl. Envir. Microbiol, 71 (10), 6260.

PCR Terminator® Kit

Roybal, C. N., Hunsaker, L. A., Barbash, O., Vander Jagt, D. L., and Abcouwer, S. F. (2005). The Oxidative Stressor Arsenite Activates Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor mRNA Transcription by an ATF4-dependent Mechanism. J. Biol. Chem, 280 (21), 20331.

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Competent Cells for Protein Expression Citations


John P. O'Rourke, David Peabody, Bryce Chackerian, Seth M. Daly, Kathleen D. Triplett, Pamela R. Hall. Development of a Mimotope Vaccine Targeting the Staphylococcus aureus Quorum Sensing Pathway. PLosOne November 7, 2014. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0111198

C41(DE3) and C43(DE3) Competent Cells

Akhtar, P., Anand, S. P., Watkins, S. C., and. Khan, S. A. (2009). The Tubulin-Like RepX Protein Encoded by the pXO1 Plasmid Forms Polymers in vivo in Bacillus anthracis. J. Bacteriol, 191, 2493

Ray, D., Kazan, H., Chan, E.T., Pena Castillo, L., Chaudhry, S. Talukder, S., Blencowe, B.J., Morris, Q., and Hughes, T.R. (2009). Rapid and Systematic Analysis of the RNA Recognition Specificities of RNA-binding Proteins. Nature Biotechnology, 27:7.

Siponen, M., Spinelli, S., Blangy, S., Moineau, S., Cambillau, C., and Campanacci, V. (2009). Crystal Structure of a Chimeric Receptor Binding Protein Constructed from Two Lactococcal Phages. J. Bacteriol. 191:3220.

Glenn, K.A., Nelson, R.F., Wen, H.M., Mallinger, A.J., and Paulson, H.L. (2008). Diversity in Tissue Expression, Substrate Binding, and SCF Complex Formation for a Lectin Family of Ubiquitin Ligases. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 12717.

Prisic, S., and Peters, R. J. (2007). Synergistic Substrate Inhibition of ent-Copalyl Diphosphate Synthase: A Potential Feed-Forward Inhibition Mechanism Limiting Gibberellin Metabolism. Plant Physiol. 144, 445.

E. cloni® Express Competent Cells

Opperman, D.J., Piater, L.A., and van Heerden, E. (2008). A Novel Chromate Reductase from Thermus scotoductus SA-01 Related to Old Yellow Enzyme. J. Bacteriol. 190, 3076.

Langston, L. D., and O'Donnell, M., (2008). DNA Polymerase Is Highly Processive with Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen and Undergoes Collision Release upon Completing DNA. J. Biol. Chem., 283, 29522.

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Amplification Enzyme Citations

EconoTaq® DNA Polymerase

Balakrishnan, C. N., and Edwards, S. V. (2009). Nucleotide Variation, Linkage Disequilibrium and Founder-Facilitated Speciation in Wild Populations of the Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata). Genetics, 2, 645

Zalapa, J. E., Brunet, J., and Guries, R. P. (2009) Patterns of Hybridization and Introgression Between Invasive Ulmus pumila (Ulmaceae) and native U. rubra. Am. J. Botany. 96, 1116

Kan, R., Sun, X., Kolas, N.K., Avdievich, E., Kneitz, B., Edelmann, W., and Cohen, P.E. (2008). Comparative Analysis of Meiotic Progression in Female Mice Bearing Mutations in Genes of the DNA Mismatch Repair Pathway. Biol Reprod. 78, 462.

Alter, S. E., Ramirez, S. F., Nigenda, S., Ramirez, J. U., Bracho, L. R., and Palumbi, S. R. (2009). Mitochondrial and Nuclear Genetic Variation across Calving Lagoons in Eastern North Pacific Gray Whales (Eschrichtius robustus). J. Hered. 100, 34.

EconoTaq® PLUS & PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mixes

Qu, F., Ye, X., and Morris, T. J. (2008). Arabidopsis DRB4, AGO1, AGO7, and RDR6 Participate in a DCL4-initiated Antiviral RNA Silencing Pathway Negatively Regulated by DCL1. PNAS. 105, 14732.

Chan, C.-H., Mitchison, H. M., and Pearce, D. A. (2008). Transcript and in silico Analysis of CLN3 in Juvenile Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis and Associated Mouse Models. Hum. Mol. Genet., 17, 3332.

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Libraries created with Lucigen products or by Lucigen scientists

Björn Nystedt, Nathaniel R. Street, Anna Wetterbom, Andrea Zuccolo, Yao-Cheng Lin, Douglas G. Scofield, Francesco Vezzi, Nicolas Delhomme, Stefania Giacomello, Andrey Alexeyenko, Riccardo Vicedomini, Kristoffer Sahlin, Ellen Sherwood, Malin Elfstrand, Lydia Gramzow, Kristina Holmberg, Jimmie Hällman, Olivier Keech, Lisa Klasson, Maxim Koriabine, Melis Kucukoglu, Max Käller, Johannes Luthman, Fredrik Lysholm, Totte Niittylä et al. "The Norway spruce genome sequence and conifer genome evolution" Nature (2013). doi:10.1038/nature12211

Jianing Bai, Sean P. McAteer, Edith Paxton, Arvind Mahajan, David L. Gally, and Jai J. Tree (2011). Screening of an E. coli O157:H7 Bacterial Artificial Chromosome Library by Comparative Genomic Hybridization to Identify Genomic Regions Contributing to Growth in Bovine Gastrointestinal Mucus and Epithelial Cell Colonization. Front Microbiol. 2:168. Published online 2011 August 17. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2011.00168 PMCID: PMC3157008.

Gross SM, Williamson VM (2011) Tm1: A Mutator/Foldback Transposable Element Family in Root-Knot Nematodes. PLoS ONE 6(9): e24534. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0024534

Sharakhov, I. V., White, B. J., Sharakhova, M. V., Kayondo, J., Lobo, N. F., Santolamazza, F., Torre, A., Simard, F., Collins, F. H., and Besansky, N. J. (2006). Breakpoint Structure Reveals the Unique Origin of an Interspecific Chromosomal Inversion (2La) in the Anopheles gambiae Complex. PNAS, 103 (16), 6258.

Aziz, R. K., Edwards, R. A., Taylor, W. W., Low, D. E., McGeer, A., and Kotb, M. (2005). Mosaic Prophages with Horizontally Acquired Genes Account for the Emergence and Diversification of the Globally Disseminated M1T1 Clone of Streptococcus pyogenes. J. Bacteriol. 187 (10), 3311.

Rice, G., Tang, L., Stedman, K., Roberto, F., Spuhler, J., Gillitzer, E., Johnson, J. E., Douglas, T., and Young, M.( 2004). The Structure of a Thermophilic Archaeal Virus Shows a Double-stranded DNA Viral Capsid Type that Spans all Domains of Life. PNAS, 101 (20), 7716.

Lindell, D., Sullivan, M. B., Johnson, Z. I., Tolonen, A. C, Rohwer, F., and Chisholm, S. W. (2004). Transfer of Photosynthesis Genes to and from Prochlorococcus Viruses. PNAS, 101 (30), 11013.

Seguritan, V., Feng, I., Rohwer, F., Swift, M., and. Segall, A. M. (2003). Genome Sequences of Two Closely Related Vibrio parahaemolyticus Phages, VP16T and VP16C. J. Bacteriol, 185 (21), 6434.

Breitbart, M., Salamon, P., Andresen, B. Mahaffy, J.M., Segall, A.M., Mead, D., Azam, F. and Rohwer, F. (2002). Genomic Analysis of Uncultured Marine Viral Communities. PNAS, 99 (22), 14250.

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