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CopyCutter™ EPI400™ Electrocompetent and Chemically Competent E. coli

Optimized for cloning toxic or unstable DNA

  • Formerly from EpicentreStabilize toxic inserts in common cloning and expression vectors (pUC and pET-type vectors)
  • Clone and maintain challenging sequences at reduced plasmid copy number, then induce to high copy number for DNA recovery
  • Avoid T1 and T5 phage contamination with tonA mutation
  • Choose chemically competent cells for general cloning or electrocompetent cells for demanding applications such as library generation
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
CopyCutter™ EPI400™ Chemically Competent E.coli  10 x 50 µl C400CH10 $183.00
CopyCutter™ EPI400™ Electrocompetent E.coli  10 x 50 µl C400EL10 $245.00
CopyCutter™ Induction Solution  25 ml CIS40025 $77.00
Ten tubes each containing 50 µL of cells (enough cells for 10 transformations), CopyCutter™ Induction Solution and pUC19 control DNA. The CopyCutter™ Induction Solution is provided at a 1,000X concentration and is filter sterilized.
Document File Name Type
Manual MA219E-CopyCutter-cells-&-Induction-Soln PDF

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