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DuraScribe® T7 Transcription Kit

Produce fully RNase A-resistant RNA that is perfectly suited for RNA aptamer synthesis, as well as antisense RNA and RNA interference (RNAi) experiments.

  • Formerly from EpicentreProtect transcribed RNA from RNAse degradation
  • Produce high RNA yields
  • Select and optimize RNA aptamers using SELEX screening
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
DuraScribe® T7 Transcription Kit  10 Reactions DS010910 $332.00
   25 Reactions DS010925 $625.00
Contents: DuraScribe T7 Enzyme Mix, RNase-Free DuraScribe T7 10X Reaction Buffer, ATP, GTP, 2-F-dCTP, 2-F-dUTP, DNase I, DTT, Control Template DNA (linearized), Sterile Deionized Water.
Document File Name Type
Manual MA170E-Durascribe-t7-transcription-kit PDF

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