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EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kγori/KAN-2>Tnp Transposome™ Kit

Generate random gene knockouts in non-E. coli bacteria

  • Generate mutants with improved genetics or functionFormerly from Epicentre
  • Identify genes involved in pathogenesis, toxicity, biofilm development
  • Unravel metabolic pathways
  • Identify essential genes and regulatory elements
  • Characterize novel genes and gene functions
  • Insert Kan selectable marker into gDNA and rescue clones in E. coli host expressing the pir gene product
  • 100’s of citations for many different applications
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kyori/KAN-2>Tnp Transposome™ Kit  10 Reactions TSM08KR $534.00
EZ-Tn5™ <R6Kyori/KAN-2>Tnp Transposome, KAN-2 FP-1 Forward Primer, R6KAN-2 RP-1 Reverse Primer, Sterile Water.
Document File Name Type
Manual MA155E-EZ-Tn5-r6kg-Ori-KAN-2-Transposome-Kit PDF

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