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Hybridase™ Thermostable RNase H

Specifically degrade the RNA in a DNA:RNA hybrid, without affecting DNA or unhybridized RNA, at higher reaction temperatures

  • Epicentre ProductOptimal activity above 65°C and maintains activity as high as 95°C
  • Highly specific for RNA in a RNA:DNA hybrid and will not digest free RNA or DNA
  • Maximizes digestion sensitivity and selectivity while minimizing background due to nonspecific hybridization
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
Hybridase™ Thermostable RNase H  500 Units H39500 $351.00
Document File Name Type
Manual MA045E-Hybridase-Thermostable-RNaseH PDF
Document File Name Type
Product Flyer Enzyme-Catalog-Full PDF
SDS SDS_H39500_Hybridase_Thermostable_RNase_H.pdf PDF

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