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MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extracts

Maximized packaging efficiency of lambda, cosmid, or fosmid DNA for the construction of large insert genomic libraries.

  • Formerly from EpicentreConstruct genomic libraries from methylated or unmethylated DNA with equal efficiency due to the lack of all known restriction activities in the extracts.
  • Packaging efficiencies of up to 3 × 109 pfu/µg DNA.
  • Simplified protocol does not require premixing of different extract components before use.
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extracts  5 Extracts MP5105 $193.00
   10 Extracts MP5110 $313.00
   20 Extracts MP5120 $513.00
Contents: Predispensed MaxPlax™ Extracts, Control Lambda DNA, Control Host Cells (E. coli).
Document File Name Type
Manual MA065E-MaxPlax-Packing-Extracts PDF

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