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Protein Expression

Simplify your cloning and protein expression work with Lucigen’s complete cloning and expression Expresso® systems. This is an entirely new way to radically simplify cloning and expressing recombinant proteins. Expressioneering Technology uses in vivo homologous recombination to seamlessly clone PCR amplified DNA into Expresso® vectors without the need for enzymes or purification steps. Expresso Cloning and Expression Kits are supplied complete with pre-processed vectors and high-efficiency competent cells to save you time and money.

Also see our high efficiency competent cells for protein expression: including OverExpress™ cells optimized for toxic proteins, Competent Cells for Phage Display., and ClearColi® Competent Cells which eliminates endotoxin at the source.

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Bacterial Expression

Expresso® Solubility and Expression Screening System
One convenient screening kit containing seven fusion tags proven to increase protein expression and solubility.
Expresso® Rhamnose Cloning & Protein Expression System
Directional PCR cloning in seconds with Expressioneering Technology. pRham™ vectors with tunable rhaPBAD promoter provide tightly controlled expression of N- or C-terminal 6xHis tagged proteins. One competent cell strain is provided for cloning and expression, enabling high throughput protein expression. Enhanced expression and solubility of difficult target proteins with optional cleavable SUMO fusion tag.
Expresso® SUMO Cloning and Expression Systems
Enhanced expression of difficult target proteins and improved solubility of inclusion body prone proteins with cleavable 6xHis-SUMO fusion tag. Efficient SUMO tag cleavage with SUMO Express Protease to generate native protein. Easily remove cleaved SUMO tag and Protease by metal affinity chromatography. Choice of vectors under tight control of inducible T7 or tunable Rhamnose promoters.
Expresso® T7 Cloning and Expression System
Enzyme-free directional PCR cloning in seconds. Complete system includes cloning-ready vectors and competent cell lines. Tightly controlled expression of N- or C-terminal 6xHis tagged proteins. Quickly purify expressed proteins by metal affinity chromatography.


SelecTEV™ Protease
Highly active and specific Tobacco Etch Virus (TEV) protease for use with any TEV cleavage site.

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