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RNase I, E. coli

Remove unwanted RNA by digesting with this heat labile, non-sequence specific ribonuclease

  • Epicentre ProductComplete: Unlike RNase A, RNase I does not have a base preference and digests between all dinucleotide pairs in single-stranded RNA
  • Heat Labile: RNase I is easily inactivated by heating 70°C for 15 minutes
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
RNase I, E. coli  1,000 Units N6901K $103.00
Provided with dilution buffer, 10X TNE buffer, and 0.1 M DTT.
Document File Name Type
Manual MA079E-RNase-I PDF
Document File Name Type
Product Flyer Enzyme-Catalog-Full PDF
SDS SDS_N6901K_RNase_I_E.coli.pdf PDF

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