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Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution

Lyse Gram positive or Gram negative bacteria for protein or nucleic acid purifications from bacteria

  • Epicentre ProductHighly Active: This enzyme is 200X more active than egg white lysozyme, thus improving bacterial lysis and using less enzyme
  • Easy: No sample agitation or heat generation necessary during lysis which helps preserve protein function
  • Flexible: Usuage volumes are easily adjusted based on the scale of the experiment
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution  4,000,000 U R1804M $236.00
   10,000,000 U R1810M $451.00
Document File Name Type
Manual MA030E-Ready-Lyse-Lysozyme PDF
Document File Name Type
Product Flyer Enzyme-Catalog-Full PDF
SDS SDS_R1804M_R1810M_Ready-Lyse_Lysozyme_Solution.pdf PDF

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