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Ribonucleoside-5’-Triphosphate Solutions and 2’-Fluorine-Nucleoside-5’-Triphosphate Solutions

  • Synthesize RNA with quality NTP solutionsFormerly from Epicentre
  • Stabilize RNA by incorporating 2’-fluorine during in vitro transcription
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
2´-Fluorine-dCTP  1 µmol R2F110C $114.00
2´-Fluorine-dUTP  1 µmol R2F110U $114.00
ATP Solution  25 µmol RA02825 $66.00
One Tube of each of 4 NTPs (ATP, CTP, GTP, UTP)  25 µmol each
(not premixed)
RN02825 $205.00

2’-Fluorine nucleotide solutions are made with sterile deionized water at 50 mM each and adjusted to pH 7.0 with NaOH.

NTP and ATP Solutions are provided in sterile deionized water at 100 mM and adjusted to pH 7.0 with NaOH.

Document File Name Type
Manual MA039E-NTPs PDF

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