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Sygnis TruePrime™ RCA Kit

A single- or double-stranded circular DNA amplification kit with less bias and more uniform amplification starting with limiting amounts of DNA or bacterial cells.

  • Reduced amplification bias and no primer artefacts: Primer-free rolling circle amplification (RCA) method utilizing a combination of TthPrimPol Primase (to synthesize primers) and Phi29 DNA polymerase.
  • Highly sensitive: Amplification of attogram amounts of purified input DNA
  • Easy handling and high reproducibility
  • Insensitive to external DNA contaminations
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
Sygnis TruePrime™ RCA Kit  100 rxn SYG390100 $392.00

Each TruePrime™ RCA Kit contains: Buffer D, Buffer N, Reaction Buffer, dNTPs, Water, Enzyme 1 and Enzyme 2. The complete manual is available under the Manual tab. Lucigen is an authorized distributor of Sygnis products in the US.

The TruePrime™ RCA kit is intended for molecular biology use only and in vitro use only. This product is not intended for diagnosis, prevention or treatment of a disease in human beings or animals.

Technical Specifications:
Typical DNA yields from a 25 µL reaction are >3 µg from 1 ng of input plasmid DNA (3-10 kb) and a 3 hour reaction. For 150-200 kb templates yields are approximately 2 µg per 25 µl reaction with 10 ng input DNA and a 3 hour reaction. Yields and kinetics will vary if crude or un-quantified samples are amplified. Reactions without input DNA (no template controls) do not produce any amplification product during 3 hour reactions. Amplification products can be transformed after digestion with a single-site restriction enzyme and re-ligation.

Quality Control:
Each batch of TruePrime™ RCA kits is tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality. Enzymes used in the kit have been tested separately to ensure adherence to specifications.

Shipping and Storage:
Kits are shipped on dry ice. Upon receipt, the kit should be stored immediately at -20°C in a non-frost-free (constant-temperature) freezer. When stored under these conditions and handled correctly, the products can be kept at least six months after shipping without showing any reduction in performance. For longer periods of time, store the kit at -80°C.

Document File Name Type
Manual Sygnis-Handbook_TruePrime_RCA_Kit PDF
Document File Name Type
Product Flyer Enzyme-Catalog-Full PDF
SDS Sygnis-TruePrime™-RCA-kit-MSDS.pdf PDF

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