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TransforMax™ EPI300™-T1R Electrocompetent E. coli

Standard cloning for large inserts and T1 phage resistance

  • Formerly from EpicentreAvoid phage contamination with tonA mutation for resistance to bacteriophages T1 and T5.
  • Clone large inserts and transform large plasmids - up to at least 145 kb plasmid DNA.
  • Generate clones with inducible copy number using CopyControl™ vectors.
  • Achieve high transformation efficiencies: >1 × 1010 cfu/µg pUC19 DNA.
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
CopyControl™ Induction Solution  25 ml CCIS125 $77.00
TransforMax™ EPI300™-T1R Electrocompetent E. coli  10 x 100 µl EC02T110 $443.00
1,000X concentrated solution. Filter sterilized.
Document File Name Type
Manual MA184E-Tmax-EPI300-T1-R-cells PDF
Manual MA176E-CopyControl-Induction-Soln PDF

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