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All Epicentre Products Now Available Through Lucigen

Epicentre LogoWe are excited that Lucigen is now exclusive source for the Epicentre brand to scientists worldwide. As your global partner, Lucigen is committed to providing life science professionals easy and seamless access to these unique genomic kits and reagents.

Epicentre Products Size Cat. No.
2'-dNTP (All 4 Mixed)   10 μmole @ 2.5 mM ea. D08104
2'-dNTP (All 4 mixed)   10 μmole @ 25 mM ea. D59104
2´-Fluorine-dCTP (2´-F-dCTP) Solution 1 µmol R2F110C
2´-Fluorine-dUTP (2´-F-dUTP) Solution 1 µmol R2F110U
Ampligase® DNA Ligase with Buffer   2,500 U @ 100 U/μl A0102K
Ampligase® DNA Ligase without Buffer 
10,000 U @ 100 U/μl A0110K
Ampligase® 10X Reaction Buffer  
5 ml A1905B
Ampligase® DNA Ligase with Buffer    2,500 U @ 5 U/μl A3202K
Ampligase® DNA Ligase without Buffer  
10,000 U @ 5 U/μl A3210K
Ampligase® DNA Ligase with Buffer
750 U @ 5 U/μl A32750
Ampligase® DNA Ligase Kit 
1,000 U @ 5 U/μl A8101
AmpliScribe™ T7 High Yield Transcription Kit 50 rxns AS3107
AmpliScribe T7-Flash™ Biotin-RNA Transcription Kit 10 rxns ASB71110
AmpliScribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit 25 Rxns ASF3257
AmpliScribe T7-Flash Transcription Kit 50 Rxns ASF3507
ATP Solution 25 µmol RA02825
Baseline-ZERO™ DNase   5000 U DB0715K
Biotin-16-UTP 500 nmol BU6105H
CircLigase™ ssDNA Ligase   1000 U CL4111K
CircLigase™ ssDNA Ligase  5000 U CL4115K
CircLigase™ II ssDNA Ligase   1000 U CL9021K
CircLigase™ II ssDNA Ligase   5000 U CL9025K
CopyControl™ Fosmid Autoinduction Solution 50 ml AIS107F
CopyControl Fosmid Library Production Kit 1 kit CCFOS110
CopyControl HTP Fosmid Library Production Kit 1 kit CCFOS059
CopyControl Induction Solution 25 ml CCIS125
CopyCutter EPI400 Chemically Competent E.coli  10 × 50 µl C400CH10
CopyCutter EPI400 Electrocompetent E.coli  10 × 50 µl C400EL10
CopyCutter Induction Solution 25 ml CIS40025
DuraScribe® T7 Transcription Kit 10 Rxns DS010910
DuraScribe T7 Transcription Kit 25 Rxns DS010925
End-It DNA™ End-Repair Kit 20 Rxns ER0720
End-It DNA End-Repair Kit 50 Rxns ER81050
EpiScript™ RNase H- Reverse Transcriptase 10,000 Units ERT12910K
EpiScript RNase H- Reverse Transcriptase 25,000 Units ERT12925K
Exonuclease I   20,000 U X40520K
Exonuclease VII   250 U @ 10 U/μl EN510250
Exonuclease III   25,000 U @ 200 U/μl EX4425K
Exo-Minus Klenow DNA Polymerase (D355A, E357A)   1,000 U @ 10 U/μl KL11101K
EZ-Tn5™ <DHFR-1> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns EZI912D
EZ-Tn5 <KAN-2> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns EZI982K
EZ-Tn5 <KAN-2> Tnp Transposome Kit 10 Rxns TSM99K2
EZ-Tn5 <R6Kγori/KAN-2> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns EZI011RK
EZ-Tn5 <R6Kyori /KAN-2> Tnp Transposome Kit 10 Rxns TSM08KR
EZ-Tn5 <T7/KAN-2> Promoter Insertion Kit 10 Rxns EZI03T7
EZ-Tn5 <TET-1> Insertion Kit 10 Rxns EZI921T
EZ-Tn5 Transposase 10 Rxns TNP92110
FailSafe™ PCR System 1000 U FS9901K
FailSafe™ PCR PreMix Selection Kit 1 Kit FS99060
FailSafe™ PCR System  100 U FS99100
FailSafe™ PCR System 250 U FS99250
FailSafe™ Enzyme Mix Only    1000 U FSE5101K
FailSafe™ Enzyme Mix Only    100 U FSE51100
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix A   2.5 ml FSP995A
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix B   2.5 ml FSP995B
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix C  2.5 ml FSP995C
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix D   2.5 ml FSP995D
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix E 2.5 ml FSP995E
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix F  2.5 ml FSP995F
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix G   2.5 ml FSP995G
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix H   2.5 ml FSP995H
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix I   2.5 ml FSP995I
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix J   2.5 ml FSP995J
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix K   2.5 ml FSP995K
FailSafe™ PCR 2X PreMix L   2.5 ml FSP995L
Fast-Link™ DNA Ligation Kit 100 Rxns LK6201H
Fast-Link DNA Ligation Kit 50 Rxns LK0750H
FosmidMAX™ DNA Purification Kit   1 Kit FMAX046
Hybridase™ Thermostable RNase H   500 U @ 5 U/μl H39500
Proteinase K   2 mL MPRK092
MasterAmp™ 10X PCR Enhancer   10 Purifications ME81210
MasterAmp™ PCR Optimization Kit   60 templates MO7201
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix A  5 mL MO7205A
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix B  5 mL MO7205B
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix C  5 mL MO7205C
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix D  5 mL MO7205D
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix E  5 mL MO7205E
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix F  5 mL MO7205F
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix G  5 mL MO7205G
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix H  5 mL MO7205H
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix I  5 mL MO7205I
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix J  5 mL MO7205J
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix K  5 mL MO7205K
MasterAmp™ 2X PCR PreMix L  5 mL MO7205L
MasterAmp™ Tth DNA Polymerase   250 U @ 5 U/μl TTH72250
MasterPure™ Complete DNA & RNA Purification Kit  200 Purifications MC85200
MasterPure™ Complete DNA & RNA Purification Kit  10 Purifications MC89010
MasterPure™ DNA Purification Kit for Blood, Version II  400 mL of Whole Blood MB711400
MasterPure™ Gram Positive DNA Purification Kit   100 Purifications MGP04100
MasterPure™ Yeast RNA Purification Kit   100 Purifications MPY03100
MasterPure™ Yeast DNA Purification Kit   200 Purifications MPY80200
MaxPlax™ Lambda Packaging Extract 10 Ext MP5110
MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extract 20 Ext MP5120
MaxPlax Lambda Packaging Extract  5 Ext MP5105
MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis from Cell Lysates Kit 10 Rxns MBCL90310
MessageBOOSTER cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR 24 Rxns MB060124
MMLV High Performance Reverse Transcriptase 25,000 U RT80125K
MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

50 Rxns

MPC Protein Precipitation Solution      500 mL MMP095H
NTPs: ATP, CTP, GTP, UTP Solutions 25 umol @100mM each RN02825
OmniCleave™ Endonuclease   50,000 U OC7850K
Plasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase   1,000 U @ 10 U/μl E3101K
Plasmid-Safe™ ATP-Dependent DNase   10,000 U @ 10 U/μl E3110K
Poly(A) Polymerase Tailing Kit   50 rxns PAP5104H
QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution 1.0    50 mL QE09050
QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution 1.0    5 mL QE0905T
QuickExtract™ FFPE DNA Extraction Kit   50 mL QEF81050
QuickExtract™ Plant DNA Extraction Solution   50 mL QEP70750
QuickExtract™ RNA Extraction Kit  50 mL QER090150
Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution  4000000 R1804M
Ready-Lyse™ Lysozyme Solution  10000000 R1810M
Rec J Exonuclease   250 U @ 10 U/μl  RJ411250
Red Cell Lysis Solution      1200 mL MRC0912H
RiboGuard™ RNase Inhibitor 10,000 U RG90910K
RiboGuard RNase Inhibitor 2,500 U RG90925
Ribonuclease R (RNase R)   250 RNR07250
RNA 5' Polyphosphatase  200 RP8092H
RNase A    2 mL MRNA092
RNase I   1000 U N6901K
RNase-Free DNase I   5,000 U @ 1 U/μl D9905K
RNase-Free DNase I   10,000 U @ 1 U/μl   D9910K
Sterile Nuclease-Free Water    50 mL W7350ML
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase, Cloned   3,000 U P0503K
T4 RNA Ligase 2, Deletion Mutant   10,000 U @ 200 U/ul LR2D11310K
T4 RNA Ligase 2, Deletion Mutant   2,000 U @ 200 U/ul LR2D1132K
T7 R&DNA™ Polymerase   5,000 U @ 50 U/μl D7P9205K
T7 RNA Polymerase   50,000 U @ 1,000 U/μl TH950K
TE Buffer       70 mL MTE0970
Terminator™ 5'-Phosphate-Dependent Exonuclease   40 U @ 1 U/μl TER51020
Tissue & Cell Lysis Solution   600 mL MTC096H
TransforMax™ EC100 Chemically Competent E.coli 10 × 50 uL CC02810
TransforMax EC100 Electrocompetent E.coli 10 × 100 uL EC10010
TransforMax EC100D pir+ Electrocompetent E. coli, 5 × 100 uL ECP09500
TransforMax EC100D pir-116 Electrocompetent E. coli, 5 × 100 uL EC6P095H
TransforMax EPI300 Chemically Competent E.coli 10 × 50 uL C300C105
TransforMax EPI300 Electrocompetent E.coli 10 × 100 uL EC300110
TransforMax EPI300 Electrocompetent E.coli 5 × EC300 110 EC300150
Transformax EPI300-T1R Electrocompetent E.coli 10 × 100 uL EC02T110
TypeOne™ Restriction Inhibitor  100 µg TY0261H
Uracil N-Glycosylase  1,000 U UG131K


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