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Next Gen Sequencing Services

NGS Support from Start to Finish NGS Illumina CSPro Services Company Receive high quality Illumina sequencing data quickly and easily ILlumina Propel Certified, formerly known as CsPro Certified

High Success Rates: Receive expert guidance to ensure optimal experimental design from start to finish. We'll help you through complex protocols with ease, and you will succeed on the first try.

Rapid Turn Around: Receive results faster than most internal facilities.

Cost-effective: Our high success rates and quality data prevent costly repeat sequencing runs, ultimately saving you money and valuable time.

Expertise: Beyond Illumina Propel certification, Lucigen designs and produces kits for next gen sequencing, and utilizes the latest developments in our NGS services lab.

Flexibility: Choose the best configuration of Illumina and/or Lucigen technologies for your specific needs. You can use any or all of our services in the supported application workflows.

Available NGS Services

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