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Custom & OEM Solutions from Lucigen

Your needs are unique.  Your solutions should be too.

Cpf1 Nuclease EnzymeLucigen specializes in custom and OEM manufacture of competent cells and high-quality enzymes for an array of diagnostic and research applications.  We can customize our catalog enzyme concentration, formulation, dispensing, packaging and labeling – including private labels.  And, we’ll provide knowledgeable scientific support for your project from start to finish.

See why partnering with Lucigen could be right for you:

  • Speed your development with responsive manufacturing, rapid order turn-around, and on-time delivery
  • Utilize our in-house expertise in a broad array of enzyme classes, applications, and technologies
  • Leverage our quality in ISO 13485-compliant manufacturing
  • Proceed with confidence as our scientists support your project at every step
  • Complete your workflow with our diverse offering – from polymerases and proteases to AsCpf1 Nuclease
  • Download our OEM Capabilities Sheet


Core Competency Areas Include

Competent Cell Production

Lucigen strains or customer-provided strains in highest efficiencies available. Learn more

Next Gen Sequencing Reagents

Improved library construction efficiencies

Enzyme Production

AsCpf1 Nuclease, proprietary enzymes for LAMP and isothermal amplification

Enzyme Manufacturing Expertise

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