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NxSeq® AmpFREE Low DNA Fragment Library Kits and Adaptors (Illumina-compatible)

The highest efficiency, low input, pcr-free fragment library prep kit available at the lowest cost.

  • Low Input: Requires as little as 75 ng of sheared input DNA allowing use of limiting samples.
  • High Efficiency: Optimized adaptor ligation produces more sequenceable fragments in each library, yielding better coverage & depth from single or multiplexed libraries.
  • PCR-free: Prevents the introduction of PCR-bias, providing more uniform coverage.
  • Fast: 2 hour, 10 minute protocol saves you time and gets your samples on the sequencer sooner.
  • Affordable: Best priced and best performing kit available.
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
NxSeq® AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kit  12 rxns 14000-1 $245.00
   48 rxns 14000-2 $939.00
NxSeq® Adaptors, Box 1  12 x 4 14300-1 $154.00
NxSeq® Adaptors, Box 2  12 x 4 14400-1 $154.00

The NxSeq AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kit and Adaptors are only compatible with Illumina sequencers.

Each NxSeq AmpFREE Low DNA Library Kit contains Enzyme Mix (EM), 2X Buffer (2XB), Ligase (LIG) and Elution Buffer (EB). Adaptors must be purchased separately.

Each box of NxSeq Adaptors contains (12) different indexed Illumina-compatible adaptors with enough of each adapter for 4 library reactions. Box 1 contains adaptors 1-12 and Box 2 contains adapters 13-24.

The product manual is available under the Manuals tab.

Document File Name Type
Manual MA163-NxSeq-AmpFREE-Low-DNA-Library-Kit PDF
Support Files Example_NxSeq_AmpFREE_Low_DNA_Sample_Sheet LINK
Support Files Lucigen_Index_Sequences LINK
Support Files NxSeq_AmpFREE_Low_DNA_Sample_Sheet LINK

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