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Special Offers

Sampling Program*

See for yourself how well our products work.

Competent Cells
"Few, if any, companies or individual laboratories make cells with as high efficiencies.”
- Dr. Douglas Crawford, University of Miami

PCR & Amplification
“I love this product! I'm completely switching over - it's fool-proof.”
- Leesa LaFever, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

  Good idea to provide a free sample so we could test your product. Fast delivery -- great experience!" - Caleb Cornaby, Brigham Young University

*One sample per lab. Available in US, Canada, and other select countries.

Bulk & Volume Discount

Lucigen offers special discounts on purchases of any of our products in large quantity (usually defined as 10 times more than the largest retail package size listed in our catalog or on the Lucigen web site). We also offer custom packaging and formulations of our catalog products.

Inquire on Bulk/Volume Discount

New Lab Discount**

Receive up to $1,000 in
Lucigen product!

Purchase any combination of Lucigen products and receive an equivalent amount of free Lucigen products of your choice up to $1,000 with your order.**

Inquire on New Lab Discount


**New lab offer only available to United States or Canada. Applies to Lucigen catalog products only, cannot be combined with other offers. Program subject to changes without prior notice.

Free shipping on all direct US and Canada orders over $1,000.

Other questions? Contact us via email  custserv@lucigen.com or telephone 1(608)831-9011.

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