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NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 Reactions and Dual Indexing Kits

High-throughput optimized, dual-indexed DNA fragment library prep for Illumina sequencers

  • Formatted for High Throughput: Provides sufficient overfill of each reagent to enable automated or manual multi-channel pipet-based 96-well plate library construction
  • Easy-to-use: Two color dual indexing primer sets facilitate visual verification of correct primer dispensing
  • Same performance features as the NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 12 Reactions including:
    • Produces complex libraries with improved sequencing depth uniformity and coverage
    • Requires only 50 pg to 75 ng input of sheared/fragmented DNA
    • Minimizes PCR bias to improve coverage uniformity
    • Well suited for de novo whole genome sequencing or resequencing and compatible with other applications such as exome-seq, ChIP-seq and FFPE and cell free DNA samples
  • High Value: Cost-effective library and indexing kits that produce excellent sequencing results
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Product Description Size Cat. No. Price Quantity BUY
NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 Reactions  96 rxn 15096-1 $2142.00
NxSeq® HT Dual Indexing Kit  96 rxn 15300-1 $461.00

The NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 Reactions and NxSeq® HT Dual Indexing Kit are only compatible with Illumina sequencers.

The NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 96 Reactions contains Enzyme Mix (EM), 2X Buffer (2XB), Ligase (LIG), 2X PCR Master Mix (MM) and Elution Buffer (EB). A NxSeq® HT Dual Indexing Kit is required to complete library prep and must be purchased separately.

The NxSeq® HT Dual Indexing Kit contains a Universal Adaptor, Adaptor Dilution Buffer and Indexing Primers 701 – 712, and 501 – 508. There is enough of each reagent in this kit to generate 96 different dual indexed libraries. Each NxSeq® HT Dual Index equals the TruSeq® HT Index with the same number.

TruSeq is a trademark of Illumina Inc.

Document File Name Type
Manual MA169-NxSeq-UltraLow-DNA-Library-Kit -96-Reactions PDF

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