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White Papers

Rapid detection of gene-editing events and genotyping using DNA isolated
with QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution

Gene-editing techniques have attracted considerable attention in recent years due to their therapeutic potential and application in diverse areas of research, such as disease modeling, drug discovery, and agrigenomics. A fundamental requirement common to all gene-editing methods is validation of the results. The QuickExtract™ DNA Extraction Solution has emerged as a popular reagent to extract genomic DNA for PCR-based validation, due to its speed, convenience, and ease of automation. It has also been used in PCR-based genotyping with a broad range of sample types. [Read More]

Rapid, high-throughput isolation of PCR-ready DNA for agricultural research
with the QuickExtract™ Plant DNA Extraction Solution

Modern agricultural methods often rely on PCR-based assays for species identification, diagnosis of disease, and crop improvement research. Many of these assays are conducted in the field, without access to a fully equipped laboratory. The QuickExtract™ Plant DNA Extraction Solution provides a rapid, inexpensive method for isolating PCR-ready DNA from plant tissue and other sample types, making this kit ideal for processing hundreds of samples simultaneously. [Read More]



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